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Work Concepts of Goods Lift Machines

Work Concepts of Goods Lift Machines

Illustration of Work Concept of Goods Lift Machines

The Work Concept of a Machine for Goods Lifts in gearless or geared systems commonly used by building installations with medium and high altitudes, namely elevator trains hanging on the slides which are connected by several hoist ropes systems. In this system usually will use two pulleys and a weight balancer. Weights / train weights produce adequate traction between the pulley and hoist ropes, so that the pulley holds the hoist ropes without excessive slippage. The train and the weight of the train move along the vertical rail so that they do not swing.

To make the working concept of a freight elevator machine, carried out by operating the elevator machine movement located above the train slides. To supply electricity to the train and receive electrical signals from the train, a multi-electric cable was needed to connect the engine room with the train. It works by making sure the end of the cable is securely fastened to the drive train section.

Illustration of Work Concept of Goods Lift Machines

Work System For Lift Lines And Engine Rooms Above

The geared engine has a high speed motor and a drive sheave that is connected to the motor shaft through the gears in the gear box. This is useful to reduce the rotation speed of the motor shaft to a low sheave drive speed. The gearless engine has a low speed motor and a drive pulley connected directly to the motor shaft.

Gearless Elevator or Elevator Drive System

For drive gearless elevators a hydraulic system is needed. Which, hydraulic is widely used and applied to low-rise buildings. The train system will be connected to the top of a long piston that moves up and down in a cylinder. The train moves when oil is pumped into the cylinder from the oil tank, pushing the piston up. The train drops when oil returns to the oil tank.

The lifting action can be direct (when the piston is connected to the train) and can also be roped (when the piston is attached to the train via a rope). Both of these methods require the lifting process carried out by the motor pump to lift the train to a higher elevation so as to make the train capable of doing work.

Well, from here do you understand the working concept of a freight elevator? Pretty complicated right? Moreover, the manufacturing process to its application will also take a long time. Therefore, just leave the tasks and responsibilities to the Cargo Lift Workshop. We are always ready and alert to fulfill your wishes.

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