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Difference Between Freight Lifts And Food Lifts

Difference Between Freight Elevator And Food Lift

Illustration of Difference between Freight Elevator and Food Lift

As with its name, each of these vertical carriers has a function in accordance with their name. For freight elevators or cargo elevators, of course, its existence is used to transport goods. However, because the application can be made custom, the use of a freight elevator can be used to transport goods with any capacity, in accordance with the maximum capacity it has.

Illustration of Difference between Freight Elevator and Food Lift

As for the food elevator or Dumbwaiter, of course, the users are intended as food carriers. Besides the two having different functions, the sizes of the two types of lifts are also different. In accordance with its function, of course the basket of the freight elevator has a larger size when compared to the food elevator.

Not only that, cubicles or transport baskets from freight elevators usually consist of several dividers, which will facilitate the placement and process of transporting food. Regarding the security system, the freight elevator or cargo lift has a more detailed security aspect equipped with advanced technology features.

Imagine, freight elevators are generally used to transport goods ranging from capacities of 100 kg to 2,000 kg. Therefore, the existence of a freight elevator must be equipped with a truly adequate security system.

However, that does not mean the food elevator or Dumbwaiter is not equipped with a security system, you know. Although the safety system is not higher than the freight elevator, still every type of elevator must be equipped with a security system, so that the operation process is always safely controlled.

Regarding the use of usage, of course the freight elevator is always applied and used for building projects and industrial plants. Meanwhile, for the utilization of the freight elevator, it has been widely used by restaurants, apartments to star hotels

So far, you understand, what's the difference between freight lifts and food lifts? So, what do you need right now? Do you need a freight elevator right now?

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