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Be Wary When Transaction Online

Be Wary When Transaction Online

Illustration of Alert When Transaction Online

The present time has indeed spoiled us, to the point that to shop alone, it is no longer necessary to leave the house, just click once every desired transaction was successfully carried out. However, these conveniences are often used by unscrupulous persons to take as much profit as possible by committing fraud. For that, we all must always be vigilant when dealing online.

Illustration of Alert When Transaction Online

For anyone who has established cooperation and work agreements with our company, namely Cargo Lift Workshop, you should not make payment transactions to those claiming to be our admins or other parties acting on behalf of our company. Because, we only accept payment transactions through official BCL accounts and also the owner of the BCL Company.

You should always apply the same thing, so that problems don't occur that really don't happen. Because this kind of problem can lead to serious misunderstandings for you and for others who have collaborated with you.

Therefore, this time Cargo Lift Workshop is also kind enough to share some tips that you must do when deciding to transact online.

Make sure that the company you are collaborating with has the address clearly, so that at any time you can come there.
Make sure that the number provided is always active and can be contacted at any time.
Make sure that the company explains and describes the company in detail on the website.
Make sure that they provide an account number in the name of the company or the name of the owner / owner of the company.
Make sure that the party from the company always occupies the promise of an appointment that has been mutually agreed upon.
Also make sure that the information provided is the real thing.
At least, some of these things you must understand before deciding to make a large transaction, especially if it includes matters for payment / purchase transactions with fees that are not playing the amount, aka with a fantastic amount of money.

You should also apply the same thing, when you establish cooperation with the Cargo Lift Workshop company, because there could be irresponsible individuals who want to destroy your trust in our company.

Not to be prejudiced against others, but in order to avoid undesirable things, including matters that can be detrimental to the company and clients, we have anticipated them for a long time. Because of what? Because, we love our clients so much. We also know very well that the Cargo Lift Workshop can be as it is now only thanks to the clients who have given us so much trust that we need to respond so well.

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